Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday was a HARD day. Ada Liz is getting teeth and so clingy, I know that in time (God please make it soon) she will be back to her sweet self, but right now she is driving me a bit batty. And poor Elijah is having trouble finding a place for his energy so he is taking it out on me. So I was extra happy that I had a pedicure last night and could leave the house;)

I picked my friend Mary up (this was a reward for making our 10% weight loss (10% of our starting weight) on Weight Watchers) and we went off to the salon. It was nice and relaxing and after we went and looked at all the stuff I will not pay that much money for at Anthropologie, but really want want want! I was tired, but did not want the evening to end (OK truth be told I did not want to go home in case the kids where still up;) so we went to a bar (on the top of a building with a cool view) and had a nice glass of bubbly.

Ohhhhh what a nice end to a hard day.


Teresa said...

Oooh...I just love a pedicure, especially after a hard day.

My last resort when I need to get away after my husband comes home is to take a bath. I turn on the bathroom fan, and suddenly I can't hear any chaos around me!

Zoë said...

I also love to take a bath, but not in the hot weather, so I have been bathless and maybe the stress from no baths was getting to me;)

Stephanie said...

I love that rooftop bar. What a fun night.