Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wonderful Husband

Look what my wonderful husband did for me. I used to only have this many places for threads:

(yes that is right only 20)

But now I have this many! (60!!!!) I know this does not seem like much, but I was sick of looking at all of my thread in a pile at the bottom of my sewing cabinet. Thank you Mark.


Kari said...

I like it. It will be nice to have the thread at your finger tips.I can't remember - is a lock on your sewing cabinet so Ada can't get in there?

~ANG said...

Oh, you are SO spoiled! It's nice, isn't it? :o)

Zoë said...

Kari -- no it is not lockable, but I do not think that she can get into it.... yet;)

Angela -- yes I am spoiled, and I love it;)

CathyJean said...

Isn't it great to have all the thread where you can see it!!

To show my appreciation for your interesting and inspiring blog with your beautiful photography, I have given you an award! :)
Please stop by to visit and pick it up!

Yarni Gras! said...

that is really nice. I've always thought threads look beautiful in there own way. Mine are in a giant lidded jar. Your rack would make them much more accessible....

Teresa said...

I love it! I would love to do the same for my thread, which is saddly sitting in a few baskets. They get a little tangled every now and then!