Saturday, August 16, 2008


Mark had to go away for work today so I had the kids most of the day. I have to stop here and make it clear that Mark almost never has to work on weekends any more and I know that he does that so he can be here with the kids and me and I appreciate that. That said I was wondering what on earth I was going to do with the kids today. I really needed to go look for a new swimsuit for the cruise ( I still want to loss some more weight before the cruise, but I know that the suits will be on sale now so I do not want to wait to long.) But does it seem crazy to go look for swimsuits with 2 kids one of whom is in a cast? (You are thinking YES YES YES), well I was thinking 'I think I can, I think I can, I think I can' and I DID look at the 3 (yes count them 3) swimsuits that I got for only $28!!!

OK truth be told it did not all go smoothly, at one point (while I was knee high in swimwear and the kids were getting a little loud I hear a woman's voice ask 'anyone back here that had a gold mini van?' 'That would be me' I answer 'The side door to your van is open' (@#$@!) (deep breath, I am sure I can get dressed, clean up the room, get the kids (one on crutches), out to the van close the door that I left open while trying to get both kids in the store, bring them back in ..... Who am I kidding I am going home. 'Do you need help?' the nice voice comes back again. 'YES' (trying not to sound to crazy) I open the door and she sees me, kids, 500 swimsuits, craziness and says 'Yes you do' She then took my keys, shut and locked my car doors, and came back to help me pick out these suites! She ROCKS!!!)

Well if you think that taking my kids to look at swimsuits was not enough I then took them to the thrift store where I got all of this for under 6$

God has granted me with a pair of great kids!


Teresa said...

You are one brave woman! I hardly ever go shopping with the kids, unless I have a list. A quick trip in and out of the store is about all they, and I, can take! I love the blue and green suit. Very cute!

And how great for that lady to help you out!

Zoë said...

Teresa --If Mark had been around I NEVER would have done it, but I HAD to (LOL I HAD to go shopping...;)

~ANG said...

Impressive work! The suits are adorable. The most impressive thing for me is that your kids didn't say in their loudest voices "Mom, you're naked!" Maybe they did and you just left out the details..hehehe:o) Not that my girls would ever do that...well, maybe on 2or 3 occasions at Walmart or Target where the entire store can hear their echoing voices. Anyway..great shopping!

Zoë said...

Ang -- They did not say that! Thank God! But Elijah kept saying "here are the underwear" handing me the bottoms;)

Brandy said...

With my luck the nice woman would have drove off with my van!

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, that was a kind stranger.

Although the thought of her driving off with the van as mentioned above is a wee bit scary. LOL

Zoë said...

Brandy -- I never even thought about that!! For some reason I just trusted her. Thank God she did not!

Sara -- You are right she was a wonderfully sweet woman!