Sunday, August 31, 2008

Super Fun Day with Friends

Yesterday there was a big sale at Jo-Ann's and I went with 2 of my good friends! Boy was if fun to be away from the kids for most of the day. I went a little nuts, but not to bad. Here is the fun stuff I got.

Some cool patterns for bags (because I REALLY need to make more bags;) (by the way I am going to start trying to sell some of the bags I make... trying to make it so I can get more fabric help defer the cost a little bit;)

I do not know what I am going to do with these cute fabrics, but I HAD to have them... right? I also got a bunch of notions, but Ada Liz climbed into the photo of them.

After Jo-Ann's we went to lunch and then a quilt store, but I was very good in the quilt store and did not get anything.

When I got home the kids where in their rooms so I started working on a bag that I had cut out. (I was either feeling guilty or crafty;)

Here it is! I got it done after the kids went to bed, and after Mark and I had a date (I love a date with my husband!)

I think it came out cute. Please ignore the thread that I did not get clipped off. I can not wait to wear it today!

Finally I just wanted to put up this cute photo of Ada Liz. I just love her smile.


~ANG said...

Successful trip to Joann! Great idea to make and sell cute bags. I've been tossing around some ideas in my head about making and selling stuff. Are you thinking Etsy?

Kari said...

I was at my Mom's yesterday and she showed me one of her favorite tools - the adjustable rule that we all bought. I think that is funny.

Zoë said...

Ang -- yes I was thinking Etsy, only because I have a friend that sell there and she can answer my questions;) What would you sell?

Kari -- too funny;)

Stephanie said...

good thing we all got one, then. :)

Your new bag is adorable.

~ANG said...

I don't know a lot about Etsy so I've been reading and trying to figure it all out. I'm thinking aprons (adult/kid), crayon/marker rolls, I've got some vintage patterns. Anything useful that I can think of really...extra cash would be nice.

Teresa said...

I love the polka dot pockets in the bag! And good luck setting up a shop. I think you would do very well!