Friday, August 8, 2008

New Mom?

I was out watering the plants today and Elijah asked me if I would ring the doorbell when I wanted to come back in. This is what followed:

E: Hi, come into our house. You have never been here before.
M: Hi, it is good to be here (I can play this game)
E: This is our cats Pippin and Merry.
M: Oh you have 2 black cats they are beautiful (while I am petting them)
M: And who is that making noise in the other room?
E: That is our baby. (then in a sad voice )Sixteen years ago our Mother died. Will you be our new Mother?
M: (OK I can still play this game... I think) I would be honored to be you Mom, what about the baby?
E: You would be her Mom also, her name is Ada Liz.
M: I would be honored to be her Mom also. Will you show me where the kitchen is so I can get some breakfast for you guys.
E: Yes it is over here.

(he went on to tell me where everything is and what everyone eats... including me)

M: After breakfast will you show me the rest of the house?
E: Yes Oh and my Dad did not die.
M: OK (I do not know why but every time he says die it wigs me out)
E: I will show you where you are going to sleep. Dad sleeps on one side and you sleep on the other.
M: Do you think that your Dad will mind me sleeping in the same bed as him, as he does not know me?
E: No, he likes visitors.
M: (silence... what do I say to that?) OK


Tracey said...

Now that is just funny!!!! Especially the visitors comment. Made me laugh hard!!

~ANG said...

That is fabulous! When my girls tell stories like that, there is never a mom, just a really fun, great, wonderful daddy! Where's the mom? Oh, she's an astronaut so she's out in space for a long, long, long time! Well, at least they make me NASA smart!

Yarni Gras! said...

kids are so funny! I agree, the visitor comment would have stumped me too! HA!

BTW, thank you again for visiting Curly Girl....she DID draw a new friend for her lonely cheep.....:-)

Yarni Gras! said...

another BTW, Curly Girl did her award post ought to check it out. Thanks again!

CathyJean said...

Kids... who can know what goes on in their heads!