Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blog fixing

I am working on fixing my blog title photo, but can not make it work. I will get it done sometime;) Now I am off to get Elijah and the babysitter. Yes folks that is right I am getting the babysitter and we (just Mark and I) are going out to dinner!!! Oh what fun it will be. Last night as Mark and I were talking about Elijah chimed in:

E: I think you should go to RC ( one of our favorite pizza places)
Z: You know you are not going, right?
E: Yeah, but it is good.
Z: I think we are going to go someplace nicer that there.
E: Oh
(later in the conversation)
E: That makes me sad.
Z: What Elijah
E: The Lego's at RC. I am going to miss them.
M&Z: No you are not because we are not going there
E: I am still going to miss it.
(we are not going to miss you;)
M: No you are not because H will be here and you are going to be having too much fun.


Kari said...

Oh a night out sans kids... Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

Zoë said...

We did!!!!

Stephanie said...

Good for you guys, Zoe! Where did you go?

Yarni Gras! said...

Good for you to have a night out

When we get a babysitter...we do movie marathons and catch all the new movies (if any are out/good) Then we come home with giant sugar headaches from eating junk and watching movies all night!