Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is a little bit of the craziness our playgroup has become. It is a wonder that anyone still has people over to there house;) (it is not as bad as it looks) We started off as a group of 12 babies and 12 moms. Now we are a group of 28 (we just added on yesterday!) kids. How did we get so big????? (OK I know where kids come from please do not write and tell me, I got that part down, but it is still hard to believe that our group has grown so much and been together for almost 5 years.)

On the way home from playgroup Elijah is talking to Ada Liz:
E: Ada that is Pablo (from the backyardigans).
E: Can you say Pablo? PPP
AL: (staring at him)
E: Like @#@$ (male body part, biological name).
(great!!! That is the one word that he can think of that starts with p)

Later after Ada Liz is asleep.
E: Mom I am going to have 2 works
Z: You mean jobs?
E: Yes
Z: What are they going to be?
E: The first one I am going to rent cars.
Z: Do you mean sell?
E: Yes and I am going to make sure that I get the right key to the right car before I sell it.
Z: That does help make you a better salesman;)
Z: And your second job?
E: I am going to be a firefighter.
Z: Good choices.
( awhile later)
E: Oh and Mommy I am going to have a 3rd job also.
Z: (boy he is never going to sleep hehehe) Oh and what is that going to be?
E: I am going to have a regular job too, like Daddy.
Z: What are you going to do?
E: I am going to have an office next to Daddy and we are going to do the same stuff.
Z: Sounds good.


Vicki said...

They outnumber us over two to one! Eeek!!!

Teresa said...

Your playgroup looks HUGE! It is so neat to see so many mamas connecting with eachother though!

Yarni Gras! said...

wow! what a great group!
I love your little conversations.....too funny.

My daughter said she wanted to be an art teacher/mommy.
Then she wanted to be an artist/art teacher/mommy

Now she wants to be an architect who does art shows on the side. And she still wants to be a mom