Friday, August 27, 2010

One more project done.

I had the realization the other day that my quilting weekend was coming up FAST.  I hope to have all the hand work done on my quilt so that I can get it far along on the weekend..... so with that in mind I started getting all of the other projects that I have had sitting around done. (does not make sense you say, well try doing hand work when you do not want to and you will understand:)  I am hoping that I will feel like I want to do it soon, maybe after school starts next week.  So anyway here is the next project that I got done.

I fell in love with this yarn last year winter and think that I started it soon after that.  It was done up until that last pink  (the hat started at the top and ended with the brim) so it was mostly done, but I had lost the pattern and lost track of where I was in the pattern so even if I found it I was sure I would not be able to figure out what to do...... so I just just winged it.  I mostly fits and I think it is CUTE.

It has this really neat rim that you can just kinda make out here.  Instead of a straight k1 p1 it kinda has a wave .... not sure I can explain it, but it is cool.

The kids made me take this and show you (as you can see I did not even tie the ends off yet:).

What projects have you done lately?


EE said...

Iknow you ndidnt ask only mee, but I have actually done a few, but not gone online with more than yesterdays project.

Zoë said...

EE I know and I have been watching your blog to see what you have gotten done lately. I love the shirt. Who is it for?