Monday, August 16, 2010

Lovely weekend.

Last weekend we had a little getaway. We went to Appleton WI to see fireworks. One of our good friends is part of the Pyrotechnics Guild International  and they where having there international convention in Appleton.

Well we got there and the fireworks where postponed until the next night so we had 2 days to fill before we could see them, but we did.  The first day we went to the The History Museum they have a cool Houdini exhibit (did you know that Houdini was Jewish?).  Fun was had by all.

Heading in... pretend you do not see that guy in black;)

 Wondering why they did not sell this in the gift shop.... I am sure that lots of Moms would say it was worth the money (giggle).

Boys learning how to do magic.

I am a sucker for a spiral stair case.

Why we do not let kids drive.

The next day we went to Manitowoc to see their submarine.  The USS Cobia is docked there.  Mark and I have been there before but the kids had not.  It is a cool place and worth the drive if you live near by.

After the seeing the sub we went through the Museum and that was as much fun as the sub.  They had a cool section for the kids with water.  You could make the boats float, water flow, working locks, .... tons of cool stuff.

After all this we went back to Appleton and to our hotel (that I picked out of a list of hotels because of this photo and hoped that it would be a wonderful as it looked.... and it WAS).  If you ever need to stay in Appleton WI I highly recommend the AmericInn

Action shots of the big slide.  Elijah stayed on it as long as it was open... He LOVED it.

She just loves sitting on the steps, but she did let me take her in the water.  She let me lay her on her back and kinda float.

Last but not least we saw most of the fireworks (we had to leave early as we had a couple hour drive home that night).  I did not get any good photos of the fireworks, but here are a couple of the pre-fireworks.

Oh and one fun wind art thingie in Appleton.

And one photo that Ada took.... I see a life in the visual arts;)

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