Thursday, August 19, 2010

I wish I was her

A: (screaming, crying, kicking...) I am not sleepy I am not sleepy I do not want to take a NAPPIE!!!!!

If only I could lay down and sleep.  But my cousin is coming today with her family and I am excited.  I do not expect to get a clean house, but I am hoping to get it a little more clean.... that is if I can get off the computer and start cleaning (funny how it does not seem to be cleaning it self;).

We had school registration today and we got to meet E's 1st grade teacher.... boy I hope I did not scare her with all of the food allergy stuff.  She seemed nice and willing to work with us so I am feeling good about school starting.  (BTW I love our nurse and our nurse assistant so that REALLY helps).

Well I should get going on the cleaning so at least they can get into the room they are staying in:).  If I do not come back until Monday you will forgive me right???? I am really excited to have them come here and do not think I will have tons of time for blogging, but who knows.

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