Friday, August 27, 2010

One match fire

When I was a kid we heated our house by wood stoves and we went camping often. So it was with much pride that my Mom would say that she could start a fire with only one match.  (OK there where times when she needed more then one and I am sure that my Dad could do this also, but I really remember Mom bragging talking about it).   (we also had no running water when I was a kid, but that is a different story)

So why am I telling you this you ask?  Well when I went to go and light the GAS grill today (note it does not take any skill to "set up" the gas grill to make it work right????) I only had one match...... and how many do you think it took for me to light the grill???? (note there where more matches in the house)  Well ...... only 3, but in my defence one of them was bad..... had to be bad right?????? sure it was bad........ Oh my Mom must be so proud of me;)

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