Monday, August 23, 2010

The big bang

So K, R, Mark and I where sitting on my back porch watching it rain (and lighting ).  I was saying that I thought it was slowing down and that I might go out in the rain with an umbrella to start the grill (we where having burgers for dinner and the kids where getting a little restless).  All the others thought this was a bad idea, but I believed that since there where trees that where taller then me I would be safe.  But to tell the truth I was too lazy to get up and do it..... if I waited a couple of more minutes I was sure Mark would go, and anyway I was knitting and who wants to stop knitting to stand in the rain????

So I waited and within a couple of mins there was a BIG LOUD BANG! I mean LOUD, REALLY LOUD, louder that anything I have heard in a long time if not ever.  The kids come up from the basement (well all but Ada who would think the world had come to an end if I left to go water the garden without her, but when something gets struck by lighting near by just goes on playing) we are all wondering where the lighting struck.  About a min later our neighbor across the street comes to tell us he thinks our next door neighbors house was hit and that it was smoking.  We called 911 (lots I do not know about my neighbors house btw... like color (can not see because of the trees), number, if there are flames (again can not see)... ).  We got 2 firetrucks and a couple of cop cars showed up within mins of the call.  All of the people in the house where fine (thankfully they where all in different rooms then the rooms hit), but there was plaster blown off the walls in a couple of room.

All in all we where glad that no one was hurt and that it do not do more damage to their house.... (although the wife said that she was hoping for a remodel and I do not think it was bad enough for that:)

Well that is our big bang story from the weekend.


angela said...

Okay, so don't even think about going out in a storm with an umbrella...EVER! Glad no one was hurt.

Zoë said...

I will not even think about it again:)