Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Barometer

When I was a kid we had a barometer that hung on our wall.  I remember my parents looking at it all the time.  I also remember my mom taping it often (I am sure that had some important role in it working right.)  We also have a barometer and it is VERY good.  It tells us better then any weather person can when the weather is going to have a big shift.  We keep our barometer up in Elijah's room at night and all around the house the rest of the day (sometimes on the walls, sometimes running through the house, sometimes jumping , sometimes laughing, almost always using a way to loud voice, sometimes ... well you get the idea.)  Last night we had a major drop in temp..... lets just say that yesterday Elijah was bouncing off the walls ALL day.  (good thing it was not my time of the month also or I might have spent the day yelling instead of laughing;)

Do you have a barometer at home?  Does yours walk and talk back?

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