Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knitting, swimming, family, sewing and fun

Or also called weekend:)

We had a wonderful weekend with my family.  My cousin and her husband came with their 3 kids.  They have the nicest, sweetest kids.  They are all 3 older then my kids, but they had so much fun with my kids and my kids had a ball with them.  My cousin K is a knitter and does not have any nice knitting stores near her so we went had to add to her stash.  (and I mean ADD to her stash... but do not tell her husband.... note to self tell K not to let R (her husband) read this blog;)  I should have taken photos of all the wonderful balls of yarn that she got, but I forgot.  I got her to buy stuff so she could make hats.  I am sure it will be fun and expanding for her knitting knowledge.  I got this cool yarn and this pattern for a scarf..... having trouble putting it down:)

Not a great photo, but love the scarf and can not wait for it to be done.

K also showed Elijah how to knit (he is making a pink scarf for his sister (fill in AHHHHH here).

She had just the right touch to teach him.  So to make him feel like he did something really wonderful so I made him, K and I (K's daughter who also knits) project bags.  Here are 2 of the ones I made:

Had to add a little button bling for this one:)

 Both of the kids got one like this.  I made both of these bags from the legs of old pants (easy).
Well I am out of time for today, but not stories so stay tuned tomorrow for more stories including how the big bang happened right next door..... (need to get you to check back somehow right?

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