Tuesday, February 14, 2012


  • 1am (3rd time A has woke me up with coughing) wake up CHECK
  • 1am Text message (might have won a i-pad YAHHHH I could use an i-pad, kidding) CHECK
  • Drop E off at school CHECK
  • Get deposit in mail for quilt weekend in April (see jump of joy here) CHECK
  • Call Doc about A's coughing CHECK
  • Take A to Ballet CHECK
  • Take A to coffee shop and bribe her with bagel to get all her Valentine cards done CHECK
  • Go to Doc about A's cough (Note it might not be the best time to tell your kids doc that you have a positive TB test when you are bringing them in for a cough, kinda freaks them out.... just saying) CHECK
  • Get TB test done on A (note she DOES NOT think A has TB, it is more a just in cases thing) CHECK
  • Go home make batter for cupcakes CHECK
  • Grab some food (crackers, cheese, grapes, fruit snacks) for lunch in car CHECK
  • Get E from school CHECK 
  • Take E for TB test (see what I mean they kinda freak out) CHECK
  • Make 3+ dozen heart shaped cupcakes (photos and how to follow, which BTW Mark said look like cupcakes with dents in them) CHECK
  • Find good marriage counselor CHECK
  • Frost said cupcakes CHECK
  • Clean kitchen CHECK 
  • Get A ready for swim class CHECK
  • Got to library and get huge pile of books waiting there CHECK 
  • Take A to swim class CHECK
  • Come home to warm house with dinner in the oven (take marriage counselor off to do list for tomorrow) CHECK
  • Got to sleep wake up repeat relax shovel snow CHECK
  • Next week skip Monday In my dreams
That was my day.  Hope you had a less busy day.  I am hoping when A gets home from school today that I might be able to get some sewing done.

*In case you have a song stuck in your head this might help:)


Stephanie said...

find good marriage counselor...hahahahaa.
:) Happy Valentine's Day, Zoe!

Kari said...

What quilt weekend is in April?? Have I heard about this one? ;)

Zoë said...

Kari--OK March? When ever it is. (It is March right?)

Stephanie --Happy V-day right back at ya!

Kari said...

That's what I figured, but I couldn't resist giving you a hard time.

Kat said...

Your sweaters look freakin' awesome!!
So glad you gave the project a try!


Zoë said...

Thanks Kat. It was so much fun to do them!