Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring cleaning

Jimmy said that it was Spring so I went at my linen closet.  This is what it looked like before I started:

It was kinda hard to find anything that you wanted it there (it was easy to find a ton of things that you did not want, but stuff you wanted not so much.) So yesterday I went with my friend to pick out some baskets (I would love to tell you that I was very organized and that I had it all planned out what I wanted to do, but Kari reads this blog and she is sure to tell you otherwise so I will just say that I knew how many shelves I had, how deep they where and how wide they where.)

I then found a cute little assistant (those are hard to find you know)

and went to work.  It was my intention to just work on one shelve at a time and that I would let myself have tons of time to work on it, but once I got started I could not stop:) (and it only took about an hour)

Here is what it looks like now:

 Note pretend that the bottom shelf is full of towels (I have to do a ton I mean some laundry and that space is for all the towel in wishing they where in the wash.

And here are some close ups of the top shelf

I love that all of the same stuff is one place.  (we might or might not have enough razors to shave a small army... just saying)

OK so in full discloser I will let you know that I spent about 80$ on this make over (all in baskets).  I know that I could have done it for less, but I had 2 things that I wanted and was not sure that I could get those 2 things unless I just spent a bit.  One I wanted the baskets to look good together and two I wanted to get them YESTERDAY (ie I did not want to go looking around, I was in the mood to clean and since that comes around once in a blue moon I thought I had better just do it.)

Any how that is how I spent my day so far.  Any organizing going on in your world?

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Stephanie said...

Can I borrow some razors?? :) Looks great, Zoe! :) I love your s&p shakers, too.