Monday, February 27, 2012


Look what I just got!!! I ordered it over the weekend and it came today.  I love it.

I got it from Bulls Eye Beads.  She has a cool site, go check it out. It was hard to pick the right one, there are so many nice ones. (I may or may not have changed my shirt when I got it so I could wear it:)

Anywho one for Mom and Dad

Who could not love that face:)  (I just want to go over and kiss her little checks).  She is not mad BTW just looking funny for the camera.

And a note from Elijah.

E: What is hard and does not hurt?
M & Z: (smiling) I do not know what?
E: A math test

What where you thinking I had gone x-rated on you?
Have a nice Monday, hope you have no math tests.

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