Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brown paper packages

These are a few of my favorite (little) things* these days:

I just got this salt and pepper shaker in the mail today (it has been on back order since November) I have not filled them yet, but I LOVE THEM!!!!!

We had a ugly cheap nasty plastic soap container for hand soap and a dish soap container that was just as bad.  Found these at Target and LOVE THEM. (I now own 3 of them 2 here and one in bathroom)  I used rub on letters to make the H and D so that others would know what they where.

I hated that every time one of us got sick all our tooth brushes where touching and there for it seemed that we all got sick, so I love this one that does not let the brushes touch.  (Note to self, we may need to get some new toothbrushes out)

I love that this quilt is to the point that I can take a photo and you can not see any pins (they are still there and it is not done, but it is moving:)))))

A has a friend over (this is a rare thing as A is not the most social thing in the world (not sure where she got that from (cough dad cough) but she pick this little boy at school to have a play date with so I said yes.  Now I should tell you that this little boy does not speak much English and I do not speak any Spanish.  I am kinda sure that this is why A picked him so that she would not have to worry about talking and could just play:)  (that said they are talking just not sure if they understand what they are saying to each other. Kinda reminds me of this scene in  Love Actually.  

So what are your favorite things these days?

*Sorry if I got that song stuck in your head click here to hear the whole thing maybe that will get it out of your head:)

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