Friday, February 10, 2012

Last weekend

 Last week the 2 and 3rd graders at E's school where a part of a big group of 2 and 3rd graders that made "towns".  It was set up in a big room at the local convention center and it was Amazing!  I wanted to share a couple of our schools buildings.  

E's group made this wonderful bike shop.

This is E's house (you can not see the rain barrel from this angle, but it was cute.)

Here is the local park (if you are from around here you might even know it.  They did such a good job.

On Saturday they had a big shingdin to celebrate all the kids great work.  One of the things that they had was "ginger" bread house making table.  The material for the houses was all in a bag ready for the kids... only problem was that one of the things that they used for material had nuts in it.  But when I went and asked about it they made a new set for Elijah and Ada and set up a table that would be safe for them.  I love it when I find people who really "get" it.  Special thank you to the nice woman that set us up:)

Ahhh the love. (does any one else just want to tickle that little spot of tummy on Ada?... No ? Oh well must just be me:)

Now I have to go and get A so we can make v-day cookies with friends.

Have a good weekend all.

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Yes I also think so :)
Sweet pictures ! :D