Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Job Description

A little over 4 years ago I decided to make my part time job into a full time job.  I did not have to apply, but the PR department said it would send up a job description anyway (when it had time).  Well it came today and I thought I would share it with you:

Job Title: Stay at home Mom

Job Duties: include but are not limited to the following*:
Being a:

  • alarm clock
  • personal shopper
  • cook (little kids eat A LOT of times a day)
  • nurse  
  • personal baker for events (sometimes with little notice)
  • personal secretary (there are a lot of things going on in these kids lives)
  • house cleaner
  • fixer of broken toys and stuff animals
  • finder of ….. well everything that gets lost (sometimes this will have to be done while the child is crying and lost without the lost thing.... even if it is just a little bit of paper)
  • laundry doer (more then you can even imagine )
  • driver (to more events then you knew where possible)
  • etiquette teacher (this one may take a couple 100 tries to get right)
  • dictionary (little kids have tons of questions about .... well EVERYTHING)
  • book reader (there will be tons of this as these kids love being read to)
  • movie monitor (and you may or may not be asked to remember something from ANY of the movies that you watch with them at anytime, even years later)
  • story teller
  • play date setter upper
  • having play dates at house (cleaning up before hand and after, making food, making sure that kids have fun)
  • creative art ideas (this will be called for all the time so you will have to have tons of new ideas)
  • music teacher finder (must also make sure child practices)
  • swimming teacher finder (must also make sure child gets to class)
  • ballet teacher finder (must also make sure child gets to class)
  • playmate when all other playmates are gone
  • party planner
  • there will be times when you might have to take a kicking screaming child out of a store/library/... you will have to do this with dignity and grace

*please note that this job description will change as the
children grow. When this happens you will be expected to do all of this and all the new things.

Skills and Qualifications:

Unlimited love, snuggles, kisses, funny stories, smiles, and laughs
Bonuses of kisses and love come frequently and often

It seems like a lot now, but it is still worth every bit of salary I get.  I do love my job and think there is not a job in the world that would fit me better.  I hope the kids think so also.

Have a wonderful, full, happy day and may you get tons of bonuses.

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