Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweater redo, hedgehog and cupcakes

Here is a little redo that I did over the weekend:

I have had this sweater for for a long time and loved it, but lately I never wear it because it is a pullover. I HATE pullover sweaters these days (not sure why).  So when I saw this on We can Re-Do It  I knew I had to do it.   Here is how it turned out.  It is so much more wearable now!

 It was such a success that I thought I would try another sweater I have so yesterday Ada and I went at this one:

Here it is before the cut.

And after.  So much nicer. (and yes I am talking on the phone while I am taking that photo.)

Did you see my cute new hedgehog?  Kari made it for me, because she knows that I want a hedgehog, but that my hubby will not let me have one (and the cats might or might not think it is a mouse and try and eat it). Here is a better photo of it (I LOVE IT).  I have the best friends!

We named her Hedgy and she is a big helper.

And now for the dented* heart shaped cupcakes:

See the marbles in there?

The first batch I filled a little to much so I had to cut off a piece to make the dent, so do not fill them more then 1/2 and you should be fine.  I would love to say that I used whole wheat flour and all organic stuff to make the cupcakes, but I just used a box cake and this frosting recipe which is yummy BTW. The kids loved them and when I went into school to pick Elijah up I saw the extras walking around in peoples hands, so glad I did not get any of them back).

Well that is it for today, hope you have a restful day.

*I may or may not let my hubby live that one down;)

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Kari said...

ooh the green sweater turned out nice (stretch out that word so you get the right effect!). I chuckled out loud when I read that you "cut" the cupcakes to make them look like hearts.