Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip photos


Now that we got the warning done with if you are still here you can look at a ton of photos (only 28 really).  I will try and keep it the stories short (you know I am not much of a story teller so that should be easy (hahahhahahhh)).

We went to Philly on the train.  (we love traveling by train!) Here is my dad and Ada making waffles (they made them almost everyday..... my dad makes GREAT waffles).

Grandma love.

Ada and me on the bus.  (I thought it was from when we where eating, but Elijah told me that those seats where wood.... how does he remember that???????)

This is at my moms community gardens.  They are soooooooo wonderful.

Right in the middle of the city is this full city block of gardens.

This bee was loving these plants, but it was hard to photograph.

Here is my mom's  plot.

She has a pond on her plot and these are lilly pads (I think).

This is a compost bin that she built (cool right?)

I love how she uses all kinds of things to make the garden wonderful.

I love these little flowers (they are tiny).

I have no idea what this plant is, but it is COOL.... do you know what it is?

This is another persons garden that I loved.

Just more wonderful flowers.

They have this HUGE fence all the way around the gardens.  Very pretty.

You will notice that I have a lot of photos of these 3 wonderful people from the back (I was slow moving and always seemed to be a little behind (but that also might have been because I was stopping to take photos;)) (quote from Elijah "Yeah you do like to take photos!")

This is Rocky's foot (well loved).

When it snows tons they sled down these stairs.

Cool stairs down to the water.

Not sure why they have these cantaloupes here, but Elijah was sure they where cannonballs.

Here is my daughter dancing before the wedding photos are even not :)  (We where sitting in this park when the wedding group came by (it was also our wedding anniversary).

Just a cool kid I found at the park:)

I love these flowers and what to get some.

Just a couple of cute kids being silly.

I love these two photos of the kids and could not pick just one.

That is it for today.  Thanks for sticking it out.


Kari said...

i thought your dad was dubbing her "sir loin of beef" in the first pic using a spoon. great pics!

Zoë said...

That is it.... I was trying to come up with some great quote to put under that one, but could not come up with it.

Zoë said...

Kari--- you did not know what that plant was????? I was hoping you would be able to tell me what it was.

Johanna said...

It's an Allium, probably the one known as Tumbleweed Onion.

Zoë said...

Thank Johanna ---- I knew I had at least one friend that could tell me!