Monday, June 6, 2011


Today I went into Elijah's class and we made drums.  The kids had a blast.  The project is easy (and a lot easier if you are only make one or two:).

I will tell you right now that I did not come up with this idea on my own.  I am by NO means telling you that this is the only way to make them I just thought it would be nice to have a tutorial that had photos.  I could not find one so I am going to make one for you.

So first you need to go get the boards I got 1 X 3 X 8' ( you get 2 drums/board).  Next  cut them down to 1 foot sections. ( I was lucky enough to have a husband to help with this part.)

Then we Mark put starter holes in 2 of the 4 sections (this helped the kids get nails started).

(no photo because he got mad at me when I was taking photos.)

Next you put 2 (one with holes and one without) at a 90 degree angle and nail 2 nails in.

Do the same with the other side (now you should have a kinda square depending on how well you held the sections while you where nailing them (one kid even nailed his wrong and made a kind of parallelogram (super cute))).

Next you let the kids decorate the frame.  (we used markers, but if you are brave you could use glitter (I know I let the kids have hammers and I was scared to let them have glitter LOL)). (this is a photo of the decorations when the drums are all done, but you get the idea.... right?)

 Theirs are so much cuter then mine!

Next you want to take the shipping tape and stretch it across the frame (we started with the nail sides to help sure it up.  You want overlap your tape and make it as very taught.  (Sorry I have no photos of this stage I hope you understand it.  If you do not I will try and take a photo when I do the next one and update here). Then you want to tape the other direction (this will make a kinda of cross pattern of tape).  The last thing that you need to do is run some tape around the outside to keep everything in place.

Good luck, let me know if you are confused, let me know if you do one (and show me photo:)

(Oh and I got a little black and blue, but other then that we all made it through with out and injury!!! It might have been the miracle for the day:)


Kari said...

I think your tute is good. I just have one clarification question. Are you holding the boards at a 45 or 90 when you are nailing them together? Looks like a 90 degree angle to me. just

Looks like they had fun!

Zoë said...

What are you talking about I put 90. (smile, thanks for catching that Kari;)