Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun.

I am always running out of fun things to do in the summer time, so the kids spend a ton of time out in the yard. (do not get me wrong I love that they spend time in the yard and they love to spend time in the yard, I just.... well you know sometimes feel like it would be nice to do more. When I saw this over at Tatertots and Jello (great name yes?) I printed it out right away.  Now the way I like to file things away is ......... well to leave them on the printer for a LONG time, forget about them then they are new a second time:)  Well I forgot about them and today I "discovered" them again!!  So I cut them out and got them laminated.  I am in the processes of cutting them out right now (well right now I am blogging, and giving my hand a brake from cutting them out (I 1/2 a million sewing scissors I should get some general craft ones))

Here are mine: (which BTW are really hers):

Are they not the cutest things you have EVER seen?  Pop over and get your selfs a set for long summer days.

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