Monday, April 12, 2010

This weekend

We had a nice weekend. Mark did A LOT of cleaning (mopping floors, washing floorboards, laundry, hanging artwork.... much more that I can not remember). It is nice to have some spring cleaning done (even nicer that I did not have to do it as I have been feeling a little low on energy the last couple of days.) But the best part of the weekend was last night. We got a "outside bonfire thingie" a couple of weeks ago, but have not had a fire in it yet. Well last night I decided that we where going to use it. Only problem was that we had no wood..... so instead of asking for a cup of sugar from the neighbors I asked for some wood:) Then we invited some neighbors for a marshmallow roast. Mark used his table saw to make sticks and we had a great time. I love our neighbors and it was so nice to be under the stars roasting marshmallows.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mom and Dad I promise I will get some more photos soon.

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