Friday, April 9, 2010

Potty Talk

Warning This Post Contains Talk about Potty Training!!! Proceed at Your Own Risk. I repeat this is NOT a test it is the real thing.

We have been having trouble getting Ada to sit on the potty to poop. This makes wearing underwear .... well..... suck. So she is back in diapers until we can get over that. The other day we went to Target (Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Target, I mean you can get EVERYTHING there including Starbucks!!! OK maybe I did not love Target as much before they added Starbucks, but hay they have them now) to get toys for the "I went poop on the potty basket". Every time that she goes poop on the potty she gets to pick one toy from the basket. Last night she got her first thing and she was kinda happy:

Always kinda crazy at our house at night:)

She has been getting a little treat (OK candy) every time that she goes pee on the potty, but now I am trying to slow that down a bit.... (the 8pm candy is keeping her up later;) So now we are just doing if she can keep her diaper dry until lunch. (so far so good).

It should be warm tomorrow..... I do not know this, I am just hoping:)


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