Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden thinks it is Sprinkle time.

This guy just came up in the woods. Nice surprise.

I think that it is funny that my Mom and I took all these bulbs from plastic bags (no idea which was which) and the little yellow ones where all together, the white ones are all together, and  the big yellow ones are all together.

 This was my surprise for the day.  I did not know that this tree was a flowering tree and when we went to take Elijah to school today it was in bloom!

One last wood surprise.


Kari said...

beautiful. Remind to put in some bulbs in the fall.

angela said...

Wow! you got some great flower shots. I love them all. That tree looks like a weeping cherry neighbor has one and it is gorgeous right now. As for my pictures...well, I'm the crazy lady that's either squatting down or laying down to take "up shots" or nose to nose with flowers, caterpillars, get a macro shot. Yes, I'm that crazy :o)