Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is this Normal?

Does it seem normal to you that a woman would think it was a good idea to take a 4 year old bra shopping with her? Some longtime readers maybe thinking of the swimsuit incident. But I am starting at the end of the story.

Late night was open house at Elijah's school. We where all planning on going, but Mark had not slept well and Ada Liz had a hard day, so they stayed home. This meant that Elijah and I could have a "date night". We went to school and had fun. We meet one of our playgroup friends who also goes to the same school (he was there with his mom and grandparents). So we all went to dinner at the one of kids favorite restaurants. We had a nice dinner and nice company. It was fun. When Elijah and I got in the car to go home I though..... maybe it would be easier to buy bras with Elijah then it would with Ada Liz (I am not sure what my logic was... but hay). So I asked Elijah if he would mind shopping with me.

E: Of course I would mind.
Z: You would mind OK then we will not do it. (I did let him choose so I can live with his answer)
E: No Of course I would mind.
Z: Do you want to do it?
Z: OH you wanted to say of course I don't mind:)

So in we go. I found the nicest lady and she did the measurement to tell me that the bra I was wearing (from before I lost all this weight) was 1 number size to big and 2 cup sizes to big!! Cool!!! and she helped me pick out a bunch of bras. Elijah was a little antsy, but was OK when he learned that the 3 plane mirror could be folded in on itself and he could stand inside it (making millions of Elijah's.... way cool).

By some grace of God he managed to enjoy the whole time and I got 3 new bras!! I am soooo happy. OK so maybe this is not really a is this normal blog, but it was the best I had this week:)


Kari said...

I am still giggling.

Yarni Gras! said...

yes, it IS normal....just like going to the bathroom and having kids sitting outside (or inside) talking to you asking what you are doing and when are you coming out and I'm hungry and I have to go to the bathroom too.........that sort of normal. Mommy normal is like NO other normal....EVER.

Anonymous said...

Dusty (5) would have been touching all the bras, throwing the bras, trying to use them as sling shots, and crawling all over the dressing room. You are so lucky!