Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Story of the Day

So this may not be the most exciting news you have read today, but yesterday I got to use my new CROCK POT!!!!! I love it. I lost my old one to a target end:

  • Did you know that you could not put the liner on the stove top to thicken up your "no fail beef stroganoff"?
  • Did you also know that if you where going to do put it on the stove top that you should not do it while people where sitting down to dinner?
  • Did you also know that if you have company over you should not have them sit down to dinner saying "it will just be another minute" while you are putting said liner on the stove top?
  • Did you also know that if you put said liner on the stove top that it will make a BIG mess on the stove top? (while you have company at the table ready to eat)
  • Lastly did you know that in 20 minutes you can have something else for the company to have and that your dad can clean up the mess?

But I digress, that happened 6 months ago and I have been crock potless since then, but this weekend I went out and got one and last night we had beef stew and it was GREAT! So here is a photo of my new pride and joy:

Pretty yes?


~ANG said...

very pretty! I have chicken tortilla soup on my menu this week...Mmmmm

Kari said...

So how did that automatic shut off work? ;)

Zoë said...

Ang I want the hear about how the soup turned out.

Kari, I LOVE IT!

CathyJean said...

Nice new crockpot! I'm sure it will get lots of use in the cooler weather.
sorry to have missed you on our trip! it was wonderful and I hated to come home :(

Yarni Gras! said...

pretty and funny... YES!