Thursday, October 16, 2008

You shall not pass!

This is what my son said to me as I was coming down the stairs yesterday and this is what he looked like:

For some time now some of my friends (and you know who you are) have been giving me a hard time saying that I am a scifi geek. I have been fighting it, but now I think I will have to own up to it. For those of you that are not scifi geeks or do not know where "You shall not pass" comes from when I googled it all the listings where for Lord of the Rings. ( I am still not sure that I qualify as a geek I only watch Dr Who, Tourchwood, Sara Connor, StarGate... maybe I should stop now;)

I have lots of other things to blog about. In the last couple of days I have been tagged by 3 friends ( I will get to it soon, I promise.) And I got a WONDERFUL package from Val over at Yarni Gras. I have to get some photos of the wonderful apron she made for me and the fun package that come with it. I will do both of these things soon, but right now I am going to work on the house and rest a little so that I have lots of energy for crafting tonight;)


Dorn Moore said...

Goodness Zoe, no surprise on the sci-fi geekness. It was you who corrected me a number of times on LoTR lore and many other stories. Embrace it!

Yarni Gras! said...

What about what Aaragon said back... "You WILL suffer me!" Oh yeah, I'm a scifi geek too....... yeah us!!!!! glad you like the apron... :-)

Zoë said...

Thank you guys for being geeky with me!!!

Thanks for dropping by Dorn.