Friday, October 24, 2008

Is this Normal?

I have seen lots of cool weekly blog entries from my blog-friends like Thankful Thursday over at Clothesline Chronicles, Ruby Tuesday over at Built to Last, .. I am so sure that there are others out there. I was thinking that my life is more on the lines of "Is This Normal?" HAAHAA So you may be seeing more of these entry's.

So on to the story. Elijah has been a little obsessed with death lately. I am not sure what has taking this on, but it does scare me a little (although I am also sure that it MUST be normal.... RIGHT?) Lately his imaginary friend Goggie has died (this was sadder for me then for him I think). Goggies mother is pregnant with another baby that she is very happy about. We still have other imaginary friends, but Goggie has been with us the longest.

A couple of weeks ago he was playing with his cosy coupe and this is what he wanted to play with it:

He stayed like this for some time. I have been extra diligent about seat belts these days!


Kari said...

I have two at my house who are into the same thing right now. It makes for interesting eavesdropping.

~ANG said...

Thanks for the link love...and I am loving the "is this normal?" post. Don't feel oldest has an ongoing story that the girls act out where the mother is never there, she's an astronaut in outer space. I guess I should be thankful that the mother didn't die!

Zoë said...

Thank you both.

Yarni Gras! said...

both my kids went through this daughter went through some new ones of late.....burglary nightmares.....yikes.