Monday, October 20, 2008

Apron Swap

Here is what I got in from the Apron Swap that I was in. I have to say that it was like my birthday! It was so much fun opening the package and seeing all the wonderful stuff that Val included in my box. To see more photos go check out her blog here.

It looked so nice that I did not want to open it, but that did not last long;)

Look at all the good stuff in the box and there is a wonderful book that you can not see.

Me moments after opening the apron. She did such a nice job with it!!! I love it!!!

Here is a better photo of it. Do you see those little pink balls at the bottom? Ada Liz LOVES these. She is so gentle with them, but when I am cooking she likes to come up and play with them.

And Val included little bags for the kids as well. SO SWEET!! Thank you Val!!!
Now I have to get on getting my box ready. I did make the apron now I just have to figure what else I am going to put in the box and get it out to my partner;)


Yarni Gras! said...

Hey Zoe! I'm really glad you like the apron and goodies! Thank you so much for joining my little swap!

~ANG said...

What fun! I love that apron...especially the pink balls. So cute!