Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do you listen to me?

I was talking to Elijah today and he was asking his 100th question of the day (it is 7:30am and he has to get as many questions in before 8am LOL). I answered him and then he asked me again. Sometimes this goes on and on (him asking the same questions again and again.) But today I wanted to put a stop to it.

Z: Do you listen to me when I answer your questions?
E: No

Well now that answers a lot of my questions!

Yesterday he was talking with my mom and dad. I can hear everything that is said and am making dinner. I am only 1/2 listening, but I did hear this part ...

(they have been telling stories they make them up and each taking a turn)

My Mom: But I wanted the rainbow bird to live and make rainbows.
E: OK then a cannon comes and booms him out of the sky!!!
giggle giggle giggle

All is well here we are just busy. I am getting ready to go on my craft weekend (48 hours without kids and nothing to do but craft!!! ) I will be working on making bags so look for my shop to open sometime next week. Also my Mother-in-law is coming on Sat. I love when she comes it is so much fun, but I did think maybe I should clean a little bit for her and get some groceries.

I will try and write tomorrow, but we are leaving at noon and I do not have a lick of clothing packed (most of my craft stuff is packed, but I better get that done also) so it may not happen. I told my friends that I would be in the driveway with my bags packed yelling their names at noon so they better not be late;)


Yarni Gras! said...

cracks me have your crafts packed but nothing to wear. At least you have your priorities straight!
I can't imagine having a 'crafting weekend...' WOW.....:-)

Zoë said...

I am SOOOOO excited!!!! But I might be nude;) Just kidding

~ANG said...

I can't wait to see your new etsy shop up and running! Have a great time...and don't forget to take some clothes :o)