Friday, September 19, 2008

Wonderful Day

Warning: This blog is all about kids! Way to many photos, but they where all cute, so I had to put them all up.... anyway it has been some time since I blogged about the kids.

Today it was in the mid 70's and we where to go to a friends house, but I did not feel up to it. Ada Liz, Elijah and I all have colds and we all seemed bad when we got up, so I passed on going to our friends house (this is a bummer as she just got done with a bunch of construction and I wanted to see how her house looks now... but it can wait).

So we stayed home and played, and rested. It has been nice so far today.

Who would have believed that we would be playing in the sand box in Sept?

OK this so looks like a kid in the middle of summer not start of fall. Am I so loving the warm weather.

This is how I watched the kids play, after I got done cutting out all the eyeballs (it is a cute fabric I got at one of my many trips to the fabric store;) for a shirt I am making for Elijah... OK I could not have a blog about only kids I had to throw a little craft in there. I will show you the cute shirt as soon as it is done.

She was a sandy mess, but loving it!

She is standing now all the time and she can walk a couple of steps. She just keeps adding more and more steps to her walking. Elijah just up and walked one day and the next week he was running, but she is taking her time. That is OK with me, do not grow up to fast little girl.

After a bunch of playing we had our lunch outside. We have been having dinner outside for a couple of night now and it was nice to do it at lunch time also.

I think that laying down helps get more ketchup on your face and then you can look cuter after you are all done (beauty tip for the day;)


~ANG said...

seriously, there really is no such thing as too many pictures...especially when they are of super cute kids!

Zoë said...

Thank you!! That is what I think, but I had to warn anyone that does not think the same;)

Yarni Gras! said...

what a perfect day. The laying down in ketchup is perfect! I love the last one that isn't perfectly in focus. Your children are beautiful!

CathyJean said...

ahhh... they are all sooo sweet!! :)

Stephanie said...

looks like good times. :)