Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cool Kids Crystal Project

We did a crystal experiment last week and it is growing like crazy. It is fun to watch and EASY!!! We got the recipe from here. We did it with some good friends, but I do not think theirs has worked yet, but boy have ours!

When I was taking photos for this blog Elijah wanted to take photos too so this last one is from his camera (not the best thing in the world, but he LOVES taking photos and always wants me to download them onto the computer. So that is what we did before swim class today... him sitting on my lap picking out the photos... next you know I will have him helping me write the blog;)

We had a busy day so far. Swim class, cell phone store (needed new contract and carrier), lunch, and Target (we had about 3 diapers left.... that might be cutting it a little to close;) Oh and I almost forgot Jo-Ann's (I know I need to be stopped, but somehow I just CAN NOT). The fabric was just calling me, and the kids love to go there. (OK now I am just making excuses, but why not;)

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Yarni Gras! said...

the crystals are soooo cool! I'll have to show my kids when they get home.

As for the fabric store. My husband says he was 'scarred' as a child by Cloth World! He won't even WALK into a fabric store. But he will wait patiently in the car if we pass one I've never been to before. Sweet guy!