Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here it is.  It is made from silk and velvet.  And I have to say that it is a BEAR to work with the 2 different fabrics.  The only way to not hate the project is to work with your walking foot (as far as I can tell).  The scarf is very long and wonderful.  I started this ohhhhh about 9 years ago.  I bought enough to make 3 scarves I got the first one done right away (and cursed the whole way through it, as I did not use the walking foot).  That first one went to my mom.  She wears it all the time, and loves it (or so she says and what else would a good Mom say?) .  So when I found the rest of the fabrics in my craft room clean up I had to try again.

PS it is 50 outside today.

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