Monday, January 16, 2012

Piggy's new Clothes

While my parents where here they help me get some of my "big" projects done (and let me tell you it feels great I am so thankful to them for their help), one of which was getting my craft room in better order.  This was no small feet as my craft stuff was on 2 different floors (the basement and the attic).  We got all my fabric down stairs and organized all the stuff down stairs.  With that done now I can do projects when I want to AND find the stuff I need for said projects.  So today I went ahead and made Piggy some new pants and a halter top.  (I made them out of an old pair of tights that do not fit Ada anymore).  Here is our little fashion model:

Here new pants.  (I put elastic (that I found in my clean up) in the top, but I would not do that next time, to much trouble and not much benefit)

Cute halter top. (they are coming back right?:)

And of course the whole outfit put together.  I think that Pig is over the moon with happiness to have some new clothes.

Happy crafting all:)