Friday, January 13, 2012

Free day!!!! :)

Well OK so Elijah is sick and that is why we have a free day, so that is a bummer.  But I have to say that it is kinda nice knowing that we have nothing to do today.  I am hoping to do a little cleaning (read into that a lot of cleaning), work on a quilt that my Dad and I started when he was here, lots of cuddling my sick baby, some movies (no popcorn as he is throwing up, was that to much info?) and maybe even get done with this book that I am having trouble putting down.  I will show photos soon of the quilt soon.

Now off to read my book take care of my sick kid.  I hope your day is sick free.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

1. I just put that book on my hold list...thanks for the suggestions

2. another quilt?! I loved the one you made for your parents. they must be so happy to have headed home with a zoe quilt. :)
and 3. hope elijah feels better soon!!