Monday, January 17, 2011

Days gone by

First off welcome back to my blog... It has been sooooo long since you have been here... I guess you where busy with other things .... Oh wait that was me that was busy... sorry:)

 So many things have happened since I last wrote here that it might be hard to tell you all of it.  For this post I will try and tell you the highlights that I know you can not live without I want to remember.  The photos are mostly things I made for people for Christmas but I do seem to be missing most of the stuff so you will have to forgive me for just listing it. 

One of my best friends came for the day and brought her lovely hubby (it was E's b-day and he thought that was the BEST gift EVER!  Man a 7 year old is easy to please:)  I did not make either of these people, but I did make the scarf that you can just see pecking out of her coat. 

All in all I knitted 5 scarfs for others as gifts for Christmas this is one that I made for my dad and I LOVE the way it came out.  I knitted it the long way to make the strips easier.  

I did not take a photo of this one done, but I did get it done so just imagine it a lot longer;)  It came out super cute.

We (the kids and I ) made chocolate diped prezels rapped in cloth napkins/table runners.  I also made a set of 8 napkins for my mom and a set of 4 for my friend. (and a handful of extras that we will use.)

I made 6 fleece/flanel scarfs for friends and my kids.

I made this table runner for my mom and dad.  I just love the way it came out .... and so do they.

Also my neighbor had a baby after Christmas and I did this quilt for the new little one.  They love it.  I also made a hat for his big brother (18 months and got them this picture book that I love.)

Well I guess I just wrote about the stuff I made...  will try and do a recap stories with photos of the last couple of week tomorrow. Gotta go outside and get some photos of the family shoveling snow.


Kari said...

I love how your mom's quilt turned out. You were super productive.
p.s. My scarf is great - wore it today and it kept me toasty!

Zoë said...

Thanks Kari... Glad you like it and it is warm.