Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meryl Streep ROCKS Mamma Mia

One of my friends and I are going to see Mamma Mia this weekend and I can hardly wait.  I have been playing a lot of Abba to prepare for it.  I know that many of you will hiss when I say this, but I am not sure that it can live up to this.  This is my favorite scene from the movie.  GO Meryl!!!!

Ok this is the last blog post today... promise.... I think:)  The kids are outside making forts (after they made snack and helped unload the dishwasher.... right now you are all thinking I rock at this mom thing right;)


Stephanie said...

have fun!

Cris said...

boa sorte! seja maravilhoso pra você! visite meu blog