Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some cool places on the web.

Ada all ready for the snow.  (very purple for my pink girl right?????  We got them for free and she did not have a say it it;)

Anyway here are a small group of stuff from the web that I love:

This made me laugh sooooo hard!

I saw this over on A CUP OF JO (she always has fun stuff to look at) (love what you can do then babies are that small.

These two make me smile/cry/laugh so sweet! (how does he whistle like that????)

I got this for Christmas and I LOVE IT (thanks Mom and Dad).

This book is going to make me live forever just so I can make all the quilts in it before I die.

Well I gotta go now as I have been asked 4 times by the 4 kids in the house for a snack.  Maybe I should give them one before they burn the house down;)

Have a nice day.

Oh and one more... not sure how they made it look so fake and real at the same time.

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