Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bunch of photos from the last month

Our Christmas tree

Christmas day.  Look how excited he looks.

She does not look that excited.... she has already cried a couple of times at this point....

Then she got sick.... Poor thing. (I think I could of found a pink bucket for her then we would have had a full pink photo) Thankfully it was only a one day thing and she felt better on the 26th!

Lots of fun stuff and playing .

We also had a birthday.

 With Birthday wishes

And no birthday candles so we used pillar candles (thanks for the great idea Maria!)

We watched this sweet little boy for a couple of days (and one night while he was getting a baby brother!)

My parents come for 2 weeks(not sure where the time went)

Lots of great meals

Lots of smiles

Lots of snow

Silly Jammies

Play dates

See how her hair is sticking out... that is where the glue is and it did that for a couple of weeks:)

Christmas Flowers from my hubby.

Friend come to visit
Many more laughs!

Now I think that we are mostly up to date and Ada is up so I will let you go.  More from this week tomorrow.

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Kari said...

wow you had a monthful! makes me smile.