Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh my @#$ that is BIG

So before Christmas I asked Ada what she wanted for Christmas.  We sat down on the computer and made a list. One of the things she wanted was a doll house and my folks thought that would be fun to get for her.  Mom and I looked at some and then she picked this one out.  In the photo there where kids standing in front of it and I thought that is not that big, but it will be fun and big to her.  Well the kids in the photo must be monster kids (or really they where just a lot bigger (and older) then my tiny little kids).  So here it is:

Not to big right?  Well her it is with my little girl:

See that top floor???? Neither of my kids can reach that level( great place to put stuff to keep away from them;).  But I will say that she LOVES IT!!!!  She loves playing... and I do also.

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