Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More photos from Maine

So to get all these photos in I had to save them to my iPad and then put them in one at a time, then I had to publish the blog without any words (because I can not put words under photos in my iPad yet) then when I came in here I saw that all the photos are in the wrong order....... Man that makes me mad.
Oh well here we go anyway.
All these photos are from Campobello Island.  What a beautiful place it is.
The kids had fun climbing rocks.

I love this rusty stake with the wonderful water.

On Campobello is the Roosevelt house.  This house is a lovely and fun to visit. It is neat to be in a different country that has US history. 

These roses are so pretty and smell so sweet.  I saw them everywhere (and they grow wild on the side of the road) and want some.... anyone know what they are and how to get some?

This is a light house that you have to cross 2 mudflats to get to.  As you can see it was not passable when we got there (you have to wait until low tide.)

Here we are at the Roosevelt house again.

Doesn't it look warm?

Ada at the top of her "climb" she was very proud

This is the sign at the lighthouse according to my mom a people get pulled out to sea every couple of years (some people do not think that these signs mean anything).

Just wonderful coast line

I was going to put all of these photos of my mom, dad and the kids together so you could see how hard it is to get a good shot of all of them, but now they are randomly placed in this blog so just enjoy them:)

Kids and dad in the house.

Mom and me.



Are you sick of Lupins yet?  I am not:)

Makes me really enjoy my ice in my coke everyday... so glad I do not have to go out to the ice house to get it.

Rocks by the ocean ROCK.

More beautiful beach photos.

More climbing kids.

I want that pantry. 

Lovely tree.

Kids tossing rocks in water (they did not care that they could not go to the light house.)

More Roosevelt house.

Yes we where wearing coats in June.

More of the roses.

The house again.

Laundry room

Cool irons.

Inside of ice house.  

Thanks for making it all the way through all those photos.  Have a nice day.

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