Thursday, August 2, 2012

What have I been up to?

I have been quilting. I made 2 backs to quilts that been done ( for longer then I am willing to admit) and 4 bindings. I then took 3 quilts to the long armer to quilt them for me. I can hardly wait to see how they come out. I will try and post photos when I get them back, but my computer is still having trouble loading photos and it is a pain in they oh know what;)

I also have been working on this quilt. I love the way it came out and now I need to make a back and binding for it.

I will be back more often as soon as I can get my photos up without killing the computer ( and if I do that then we will have to get a new computer so then I might be back sooner;)


Kari said...

I love it!

Johanna said...

you were right! It turned out beautifully.