Monday, August 20, 2012

New Toy

Better yes?

I got a new toy and I LOVE it!  I was reading this book and it is wonderful ( it is a bit much for me, but it has so much info that I can use that I do not mind)  and the author suggested a app called Snapseed. This app let's you edit your photos.  It is the easiest most intuitive program I have EVER worked with.  The two photos above are an example of how you can change a photo.  I took this photo in Africa ( well is one and about 5000 of it closest friends) and the light was not good for photos, but the subject was good.  Now I can change the light and make the photo one that I like more:). 

Here are some more that I changed.... It is kinda additive ;)


Better color

Org... Good photo, but can be better

Better color.

Love this cat, but again not great lighting.


Really dark when we saw these birds, but fun shot.

How about the color now right?

Like the B&W one also.

OK I will stop showing you for now, but know that I love this program and will be using it A LOT!!!!

Hope you have a great day.

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