Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back from Vacation.

We where off to New England for the last couple of weeks (and when I say we I mean me and the kids... Mark stayed home and painted the living room).

First we visited my sister and her family.  She lives in this wonderful place with great pine needles everywhere.  I really wish that instead of finding the Higgs boson partical they would have found a way to make scratch and stiff monitors these needles smell GREAT.  But since they decided that science was more important then my blog I guess you will just have to take my word on it;)

Just a cute photo of us.

I love how in this photo Elijah is looking to see what else there is out there.

Are you sick of photos of my kids yet?  They are just so darn cute I could not help myself.

This swimming lake is near my sister's house and man is it pretty.

That is my sister's back

"What ... Ohhh not the camara again! MOMMMMMM."

Lots of sand.

Happy Toes

Happish boys

Ada and Elijah sweet talked the lifegaurd out of this toy life saving device and then had tons of fun pulling each other around.

Have a nice day and try and stay cool (it is over 100 today here).


Johanna said...

I'm loving the new banner, but it looks like you didn't have your V8 that morning.

Kari said...

I want to go for a swim and picnic at that lake!