Friday, July 6, 2012

More from New England

We stayed at my folks house (they have a a house next to my sisters).  When they moved in there was a pool in the back yard that had not been used in a long time (not a lot of use for a pool in NH) and my folks had NO use for a pool, so they turned it into a pond.  (and when I say they I mean my mom and my sisters darling son).  How cool is this?

There are tons of frogs and tadpoles in there.  They sang to us every night... what a great way to drift off to sleep.

I love the way my mom's mind works when it comes to this kind of stuff.

It just looks like a pond right?

Just in case you thought my new love was my mom's pond... nope still the kids:)

Ada got an early birthday gift from my sister and she is telling Piggie (Ada told me that Piggy did not end in a y because it was piggEEEEE) how it works.

My wonderful brother-in-law took us out for a hike.  In the winter this is a big ice climbing area.  My BIL loves to ice climb and comes here at least once a week in winter times.  I, not being one for snow and ice was happy to be there when the flowers where out:)

Can you see how my little one is scratching her ear? The black flys LOVED her and she still has the bites to prove it.

Elijah spent most of the time tossing rocks off the tracks.

It was a little bit chilly, but by the time we where done we all had our coats off.

This one is for my dad...

Each of the kids had to take a photo, so we have tons of these.

Rock climbing.

Sibling love.

This is one of the ice climbing areas (I think)

On the way out we saw this cute guy.

But he did not have time to say and talk, he had to get hopping along.

Wonderful wild flowers.

After the hike we went up this waterfall.

Artist paint brush (I love this flower and brought back some seeds... I hope to grow them next year).

More kid love

My BIL ( I love this photo of him)

I took this photo and then made him come down.. photo first right?

Thats it for now.  Stay cool.  We are off to visit a friend that has a pool... do not tell her that is why we are coming she thinks we want to see her... heehee :)

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