Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OK Here are some more photos from Maine

I spent my first 10 years of life in this house and one of my fav places to be was in this window seat looking out at the river.

This is behind the house we stayed in. I love this tree growing out the door.

They have lupin everywhere there.  My mom calls them a weed (not that she pulls them they are still wonderful even if they are weeds:)

I rented a van and my next car/van will have this!

Here is the house I grew up in and some photos of my Mom's wonderful garden (and all the "weed" lupins:)

She just sent me some seed from this wonderful flower and I can not wait to plant it.

This frog lives in her pond.

The house is on a tidal river.

These are the most wonderful roses.  I wish I could grow a whole lot of them.

This is a dam Elijah made.  He was VERY proud, as was I.

Off for a day trip.

I may or may not be a little lupin obsessed.... I may or may not have tried to bring some of those baby lupins in my Mom's garden home with me..... to the drought ...... they may or may not have died a painless waterless death... I may or may not have asked my Dad to collect me some seed so I could try again next year:)

We finally are getting rain here and it is wonderful to hear the cars drive by with water under their tires.  What joy rain brings.  I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.

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Stephanie said...

I loved your pictures, Zoe. The ones of you and the kids are so cute. Also, I love Lupines! I tore some out from my dad's house once and tried to transplant...didn't work out, either. :) You can buy them at greenhouses, too.