Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend crafting

I will get back to my Roma trip soon, but I wanted to show you a craft project that I did.

These are a pair of pants that Ada was IN LOVE WITH.  When they would come out of the laundry she would hug and kiss them.  Not kidding.  As they got smaller and smaller (OK Ada got bigger and bigger, I just do not like to say that) she got sadder and sadder that someday she would not have them any more.  I began to think about what I could do to make them last for her and I came up with the idea of a scarf. (it sounded like an easy idea at the time:)  There where a couple of little problems ( a couple of holes and a little sticker stain) that I had to cover and I wanted to keep the pockets (they are just so cute).

So here is how it came out:

I think it came out cute, and she said "thank you" in the most uninspired way:) I hope she likes it later:)

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